8-9 February 2018, Bangalore
Status: Awaiting jury selection


Following rapid changes in the payments ecosystem in 2016, we are now witnessing consolidation in the markets and among players. There are new challenges including security of payment apps, reaching target audiences beyond those in first-tier cities, and addressing questions of standardization.
In its third edition (after Bangalore and Mumbai), 50p will address the following the topics to understand the spectrum of payments and the issues that concern all the stakeholders in this ecosystem.

Topics for submitting talks:

Digital and electronic payments

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


Payments space in India

You can also propose to teach workshops on the following topics:
1. Deploying a payment gateway/wallet in your app/website 2. Building with blockchain 3. Designing interfaces for payment apps

If you are working on an area that is not listed above simply submit a proposal.

Target audience for the event, and who should propose to speak:

50p is a conference for practitioners, by practitioners. Submit a proposal to speak at 50p if you are:

  1. CEOs of payments companies.
  2. CTOs of payment companies.
  3. Heads of technology and product teams in banks.
  4. Working on DBT, UPI, BharatQR, payment integration, in a hands-on manner.
  5. Product managers in payment companies.
  6. Developers working in payments companies and banks.
  7. Architects.
  8. Data scientist – who has or is working on data analytics (and or fraud detection) – in payments.
  9. Designer working on payment products.
  10. Economists.
  11. Working on stock markets, capital markets, etc.
  12. Solving problems with remittance payments.
  13. Developers in third-party organizations which build solutions for payment companies and banks.
  14. Security professional working on security and auth.
  15. Economic historians.
  16. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  17. Working on Blockchain.


We are inviting proposals for:

  1. Full-length 40 minute talks.
  2. Crisp 15-minute talks.
  3. Sponsored sessions (limited slots available; subject to editorial scrutiny and approval).
  4. Hands-on workshops, of 3 and 6 hour duration.
  5. Off The Record (OTR) and Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions for 90 mins each.
  6. 5- and 10-min demos.
  7. Panel discussions.

We accept talks on open source technology, with the following caveats:

  1. If the technology or solution is proprietary, and you want to speak about your proprietary solution to make a pitch to the audience, you should pick up sponsored session. This involves paying for the speaking slot.
  2. If your solution / technology is available through a freemium model, it will fall under sponsored session category. 3. If the technology or solution is in the process of being open sourced, we will consider the talk only if the solution is open sourced at least two months before the conference.

If your tech stack is closed source, you should consider proposing a talk explaining your choices in the first place; what options you considered (business-wise and technology-wise) before you made the decision to build your own solution; what is your specific use case that left you without existing options and necessitated you to build your own solution.

Selection criteria:

The criteria for selecting proposals, in the order of importance, are:

We do not allow marketing or hiring pitches in talks or discussions. For a list of what is acceptable, refer to the guidelines below before preparing your presentation.

Separating editorial content from sponsorship is a hallmark of HasGeek conferences and something that our community appreciates.
If you are hoping to promote your product, reach out to developers, or to hire talent from our audience, we’d be happy to connect you to our sales and sponsorship team who can offer you suggestions in adherence to our conference editorial policies.

No one submits the perfect proposal in the first instance. We therefore encourage you to:

- Submit your proposal early so that we have more time to iterate if the proposal has potential.
- Talk to us on our community Slack channel: [https://friends.hasgeek.com](https://friends.hasgeek.com) if you want to discuss an idea for your proposal, and need help / advice on how to structure it.
- Our editorial team also helps potential speakers in honing their speaking skills, fine tuning and rehearsing content at least twice - before the main conference - and sharpening the focus of talks.

How to submit a proposal?

The following guidelines will help you in submitting a proposal:

  1. Focus on why, not how. Explain to participants why you made a business or engineering decision, or why you chose a particular approach to solving your problem.
  2. Share as much detail as possible about how you solved the problem. Glossing over details does not help participants grasp real insights.
  3. Focus on what participants from other domains can learn/abstract from your solution.
  4. We do not accept how-to talks unless they demonstrate latest technology. If you are demonstrating new tech, show enough to motivate participants to explore the technology later.
  5. Content that can be read off the internet does not interest us. Our participants are keen to listen to use cases and experience stories that will help them in their practice.

To summarize, we do not accept talks that gloss over details or try to deliver high-level knowledge without covering depth. Talks have to be backed with real insights and experiences for the content to be useful.

Passes and honorarium for selected speakers:

Selected speakers get a pass to the conference. We also pay an honorarium of Rs. 5,000 to each speaker, at the end of the talk as token of gratitude for taking the time to prepare and speak at the conference.
We do not provide free passes for speakers’ colleagues and spouses.

Travel grants for outstation speakers:

Limited travel grants are available for international and domestic speakers. We evaluate each case on its merits, giving preference to women, people of non-binary gender, and Africans. If you require a grant, request it when you submit your proposal in the field where you add your location. 50p is funded through ticket purchases and sponsorships; travel grant budgets vary.

About the curators of 50p: [This section will be updated as we confirm curators and peer reviewers for the conference.]

50p is a community event with crowd sourced content. The curators of this conference are:

  1. Abhishek Balaji: who thrives on food, shelter and bandwidth. Part-time adult and full-time all rounder, Abhishek is editor, video producer and part of the content team at HasGeek. He babbles at https://twitter.com/booleanbalaji
  2. Zainab Bawa: bespectacled and spectacular editor-in-chief at HasGeek. Her opinions and insights are public on https://twitter.com/zainabbawa
  3. Srikanth Lakshmanan: runs Cashlessconsumr, a consumer advocate forum focusing on the new age consumer focus in digital payments.


NIMHANS Convention Center
Hosur Road, Lakkasandra, Behind Bus Stop,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029

First round of proposal submissions are closed. Write to 50p.editorial@hasgeek.com if you want to submit a proposal. Proposals will be reviewed as we receive them. Do not forget to upload slides and preview video when submitting your talks.


For questions on speaking proposals write to editorial@hasgeek.com. For information about tickets and sponsorships, write to info@hasgeek.com or call +91-7676332020.

Confirmed sessions

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 ICOs, best practices and legal aspects
Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) (proposing) Full talk Beginner 1 0 Tue, 30 Jan
2 Common security pitfalls in payment apps
Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) (proposing) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Tue, 30 Jan
3 Panel: Structuring teams and organizations in FinTech
Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) (proposing) Panel discussion Intermediate 1 0 Tue, 30 Jan
4 UPI - looking back and future roadmap
Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) (proposing) Panel discussion Intermediate 1 0 Mon, 29 Jan
5 Regulation for innovation
Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) (proposing) Panel discussion Intermediate 2 0 Mon, 29 Jan
6 Future of Point of Sale devices
Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) (proposing) Panel discussion Intermediate 0 0 Mon, 29 Jan
7 Introduction to smart contracts and applications of blockchain
Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) (proposing) Workshop Beginner 1 0 Mon, 29 Jan
8 Rethinking payment UX for emerging markets.  
Chaitra Chidanand (@chaitra-chidanand) Crisp talk Beginner 1 0 Tue, 23 Jan
9 The year that wasn't: Reviewing Payments Regulations
Nishanth Kumar (@nk173) Crisp talk Beginner 1 0 Wed, 10 Jan
10 State of UPI - Observations from reluctant observer  
Srikanth Lakshmanan (@logic) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Wed, 27 Dec
11 Security of Cryptocurrency wallets/mining    
Ashwath Kumar (@kashk) Crisp talk Intermediate 1 1 Sat, 16 Dec
12 Building a Fintech startup and losing 10% : Stories from the field
Praneeth Bodduluri (@lifeeth) Crisp talk Beginner 2 2 Sat, 9 Dec
13 Web Payments
Hemanth.HM (@hemanth) Crisp talk Intermediate 2 2 Sat, 9 Dec
14 Technical overview of recurring payments using e-NACH and UPI v2
Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) (proposing) Full talk Intermediate 2 0 Mon, 4 Dec
15 UPI enable your app in minutes
Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) (proposing) Workshop Intermediate 3 0 Sun, 26 Nov
16 Building apps and services with UPI: A technical deep dive
Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) (proposing) Crisp talk Intermediate 2 0 Fri, 24 Nov
17 What we learnt building BHIM in just 3 weeks
Vimal Kumar (@vimalkumar) Full talk Intermediate 4 1 Mon, 20 Nov
18 Low rate loans for ladies, stags pay extra: The Role of Ethics in AI/ML    
Chris Stucchio (@stucchio) Full talk Beginner 1 0 Sun, 19 Nov
19 OSINT Techniques for Pwning Fintech
Akash Mahajan (@makash) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Fri, 17 Nov
20 Fundamentals of CryptoEconomics - Application in Blockchain    
Pranay Prateek (@pranay01) Crisp talk Intermediate 1 0 Wed, 15 Nov
21 Accessibility in Digital Payments  
Srinivasu (@serveominclusion) Full talk Intermediate 2 0 Thu, 2 Nov
22 BharatQR - Is it addressing the real Bharat
Madhusudanan (@onlymadhu) Crisp talk Advanced 2 0 Fri, 6 Oct

Unconfirmed proposals

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Building Rich Analytics For Merchants
Pavan Punaroor (@pavanpunaroor) Crisp talk Intermediate 1 3 Mon, 11 Dec
2 Art of building an Highly Available Large Scale Payments Processing System
Poorna V. (@poornavv) Full talk Advanced 2 3 Sun, 10 Dec
3 Factoring in financial literacy in the changing landscape of mutual funds industry
Rohan Jahagirdar (@rohanj) Crisp talk Beginner 2 1 Sun, 10 Dec
4 Standardized Payment Experience on Web with Wallets
GANDHI KISHOR ADDANKI (@kishorag) Crisp talk Beginner 1 1 Sat, 9 Dec
5 From Data to Dollars – Using Advanced Data Technologies to Minimize Fraud Loss.
Starakjeet Nayak (@starakjeet) Full talk Intermediate 1 3 Thu, 7 Dec
6 Interoperability and merchant Onboarding challenges with BharatQR
Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) (proposing) Crisp talk Intermediate 1 0 Mon, 4 Dec
7 Design Strategy enabling Real time Payment
Hemal Kotecha (@hemalkotecha) Full talk Advanced 2 0 Sun, 3 Dec
8 Credit Rating Transistion using Financial & Text Analytics
Chandrasekhar Subramanyam Crisp talk Intermediate 1 0 Sat, 2 Dec
9 Debunking the myths and putting light on UPI
Rohit Taneja (@sunnyrohit) Crisp talk Advanced 1 0 Mon, 27 Nov
10 Information breaches in FinTech and how to handle them
Udbhav Tiwari (@udbhavtiwari) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Fri, 17 Nov
11 Data driven analysis on role of Aadhaar in Payment Systems
Srikanth Lakshmanan (@logic) (proposing) Full talk Beginner 1 0 Mon, 13 Nov
12 Indium: Building A crypto-fund for makers & doers  
Nilesh Trivedi (@ntr) Crisp talk Beginner 11 0 Fri, 27 Oct
13 The secret life of Bank Codes  
Abhay Rana (Nemo) (@captn3m0) Crisp talk Beginner 3 0 Wed, 11 Oct