24-25 January 2017, Bangalore
Status: Open for post-event feedback

After e-commerce, digital payments are again changing the way we buy and sell. As a developer you have a chance of building the app others will come to depend on.

HasGeek is organizing a new conference on the payments landscape, with a choice of topics bridging the gap between developers and business, merchants and buyers, and banks and regulators.

We are now accepting submissions around the theme of digital payments.

Suggested topics include:


We are inviting proposals for:

Full-length 40 minute talks.
Crisp 15-minute talks.
Sponsored sessions, 15 minute duration (limited slots available; subject to editorial scrutiny and approval).
Hands-on Workshop sessions, 3 and 6 hour duration.

Selection process

Proposals will be filtered and shortlisted by an Editorial Panel. We urge you to add links to videos / slide decks when submitting proposals. This will help us understand your speaking experience, and if further practice is required. Blurbs or blog posts covering the relevance of a particular problem statement and how it is tackled will help the Editorial Panel better judge your proposals.

We expect you to submit an outline of your proposed talk – either in the form of a mind map or a text document or draft slides within two weeks of submitting your proposal.

We will notify you about the status of your proposal within three weeks of submission.

Selected speakers must participate in one or two rounds of rehearsals before the conference. This is mandatory and helps you to prepare well for the conference.

A speaker is NOT confirmed a slot unless we explicitly mention so in an email or over any other medium of communication.

There is only one speaker per session. Entry is free for selected speakers. As our budget is limited, we prefer speakers from locations closer home, but will do our best to cover for anyone exceptional. HasGeek will provide a grant to cover part of your travel and accommodation in Bangalore. Grants are limited and made available to speakers delivering full sessions (40 minutes or longer).


50p will be held at the MLR Convention Centre, JP Nagar.


For more information about speaking proposals, tickets and sponsorships, contact info@hasgeek.com or call +91-7676332020.

Confirmed sessions

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Where is open data in payments? How do I analyze it?
Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Full talk Beginner 1 0 Wed, Feb 1
2 Payments Landscape of Smart Cities
srinivas kodali (@iotakodali) Crisp talk Beginner 1 0 Mon, Jan 23
3 Navigating regulations: Paytm's experience as Wallet and Payment Bank
Prerna Kalra (@prernakalra) Full talk Beginner 1 0 Sat, Jan 21
4 Bitcoin and Blockchain overview
VivekOMON (@ivivekkm) Full talk Intermediate 2 0 Thu, Jan 19
5 Why is UPI a pivotal moment for India?
Rahul Chari (@rchari) Crisp talk Intermediate 1 0 Thu, Jan 19
6 Let's Break It Down: The Watal Committee Report
Malavika Raghavan (@teninthemorning) Crisp talk Intermediate 2 0 Wed, Jan 18
7 Payment Gateway - All you need to know!
Yadvendra Tyagi (@tyagi) Full talk Intermediate 6 1 Wed, Jan 18
8 Payments and Investments: The Banks Hate It But Other People Give Better Returns
Deepak Shenoy (@deepakshenoy) Crisp talk Intermediate 0 0 Tue, Jan 17
9 Privacy and Data Protection : It's all about trust.
Apar Gupta (@aparatbar) Crisp talk Intermediate 2 0 Fri, Jan 6
10 Building payment solutions for brick-and-mortar
Yeswanth S (@yash) Full talk Intermediate 8 1 Thu, Jan 5
11 Enabling Secure Web Payments with GNU Taler
Florian Dold (@fdold) Full talk Intermediate 2 0 Wed, Jan 4
12 Whose data is it anyway? Open questions in law, policy and regulation for customers making digital payments
Malavika Raghavan (@teninthemorning) Crisp talk Beginner 16 0 Wed, Dec 21
13 Everyone can see your credit card details. Seriously.
Arnav Gupta (@championswimmer) Crisp talk Beginner 6 0 Tue, Dec 20
14 Unified check out experience at web scale using Web Payment API
GANDHI KISHOR ADDANKI (@kishorag) Crisp talk Beginner 3 0 Tue, Dec 20
15 #CashlessConsumer - UPI & Beyond - How communities can help consumer?
Srikanth Lakshmanan (@logic) Full talk Beginner 4 0 Sun, Dec 18
16 Security Horror Stories in Payments
Abhay Rana (Nemo) (@captn3m0) Full talk Intermediate 8 0 Sat, Nov 26
17 How UPI and banking APIs are changing the brokerage industry.
Satyajit Sarangi (@h1ccup) Crisp talk Beginner 3 0 Mon, Nov 7
18 Science And The Art of Improving Payment Conversion
Arunkumar S Jadhav (@arunjadhav) Full talk Intermediate 2 0 Sat, Oct 22
19 Building a distributed payment system to handle scale.
Mahesh Lal (@maheshlal) Full talk Intermediate 27 0 Fri, Oct 7
20 The Path to Innovate in Banking
Anoop Sankar (@anoopsankar7) Crisp talk Beginner 3 0 Mon, Sep 5

Unconfirmed proposals

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Payment Instruments - cards at the till and online
Fareed Jawad (@fareedjhaq) Crisp talk Beginner 1 0 Tue, Jan 17
2 Future of Money & How Transactions May Evolve
Yadvendra Tyagi (@tyagi) Crisp talk Beginner 9 0 Mon, Jan 16
3 Digital Cash - Cashless Economy Done Right
Subash SN (@sns) Full talk Intermediate 1 0 Fri, Jan 6
4 Blockchain - What is present?
Nasir Mohammed (@nasirm) Full talk Beginner 2 0 Thu, Dec 29
5 Reimagining B2B payments in India
Nikhil Kumar (@nikhilkumarks) Flash talk Intermediate 3 0 Sun, Nov 20
6 Consumer Payment Security
Anushree Mohta (@anushreemohta) (proposing) Full talk Advanced 2 0 Sat, Nov 19
7 #Demonetisation: A Data-Driven Narrative
Amit Kapoor (@amitkaps) Crisp talk Beginner 2 0 Wed, Nov 16
8 Blockchain Development - Lets build a remittance/bank exchange platform on top of ethereum
Yeshwanth kumar (@morpheyesh) Full talk Intermediate 18 1 Fri, Oct 14
9 How to win the Indian Mobile Wallet Wars?
PradeepKumar S (@pradeepkumars) Crisp talk Beginner 4 0 Fri, Oct 7
10 Escrow to facilitate financial transactions between wallets
Siddarth Ramaswamy (@siddarthr) Crisp talk Intermediate 20 0 Thu, Oct 6
11 BitCoin Demystified
Mohan Palaniappan (@mohanpal) Crisp talk Beginner 0 0 Mon, Oct 3
12 What's wrong with the BitCoin?
Mohan Palaniappan (@mohanpal) Full talk Advanced 2 0 Mon, Oct 3
13 Blockchain in the trade industry
Rohit Kilam (@rohitkilam) Flash talk Beginner 2 0 Thu, Sep 29
14 Digital Accessibility for Payment Industry
Prem Nawaz Khan (@mpnkhan) Full talk Intermediate 4 1 Mon, Sep 26
15 Web Payments API
Abhay Rana (Nemo) (@captn3m0) Full talk Intermediate 2 0 Fri, Sep 16
16 Inline vs Express Checkout Payment
Om Vikram Thapa (@omvikram) Full talk Advanced 19 0 Sat, Sep 10
17 Payment Authentication
Manjula Sridhar (@manjulasridhar) Advanced 5 0 Tue, Aug 23
18 Payments Fraud (E Commerce & Mobile)
Nirmal Parate (@nirmalparate) Full talk Advanced 22 0 Mon, Aug 22
19 Payments Simplified
Balaji Rajagopal (@balabala1989) Beginner 4 0 Sat, Jul 30
20 B2B payments in India - Are we all in the credit business?
Bhasker Kode (@bhaskerkode) Beginner 10 0 Wed, Jul 27